2014 Annual General Meeting (AGM) – Minutes

Following are the minutes of our 2014 Annual General Meeting (AGM):

Date: Saturday, 2/8
Time: 1pm – 4pm

Venue: Rodeway Inn, Middletown, RI
Meeting Facilitator: Chuck Zalewski

Attendance: Dr. Lewis Arnow, Calvin Alexandar, Zeeshan Ali, Sainath Chinnaswamy, Chandu Dondeti, Suman Kant, Salman Kazi, Abhishek Khatti, Mehul Mehta, Chetu Patel, Suraj Patel, Vimal Patel, Sandeep Reddy, Vardhan Reddy, Ashish Sarorde, Farrukh Shah, Rahul Sharan, Amitabh Sheth, Sreekanth Suravajjala, Santosh Yadav, Charles Zalewski.

2014 Executive Committee:
Captain: Sandeep Reddy
Vice-Captain: Vimal Patel
President: Suraj Patel
Secretary/Fixture Coordinator: Sreekanth Suravajjala
Treasurer: Chuck Zalewski

2014 Non-Executive Committee:
Coach: Sainath Chinnaswamy
Webmaster: Rahul Sharan

2013 EC Reports: Please ask individual EC officers for their reports.

By Law Changes:
A. Selection Committee is formed to select playing eleven for all matches. Captain, Vice Captain, and Coach are elected members of this committee.

B. Rejected – please see meeting agenda.

C. Captain may select himself to play in matches. If he is not selected/available, the Vice Captain may select himself to play.

D. Withdrawn

E. Rejected – please see meeting agenda.

F. Student memberships are eliminated. All playing members must pay full dues.

G. The Fixture Secretary position is renamed “Secretary/Fixture Coordinator.”

H. An Awards Committee is formed to give out year end annual awards. The Selection Committee members will preside on this committee, including the President. Stats and performance must be taken into consideration for giving out awards.

I. President will be part of the Awards Committee.

J. Fixture Coordinator has final authority over fixtures. Change By-Laws, accordingly.

K. The playing dues for the 2014 season are $220. Dues must be paid by end of first match.

L. Coach is Sainath Chinnaswamy

Discussions/Recommendations for 2014:

A. Website Master is Rahul Sharan.

B. See L above.

C. Club will continue to participate in the MSCL. Positive feedback from playing members on the club being member of MSCL. We enjoyed playing away matches and improving our cricket playing skills.

D. Practice for 2014 is scheduled for every Thursday at 5pm. Rain Day will be either Tuesday or Wednesday.

E. Did not have enough time to discuss the club’s long range planning.

F. The EC will strictly enforce disciplinary procedures against members using foul language or conducting in inappropriate behavior on/off the field.

G. The EC will breakdown set-up duties for the playing eleven for all matches. Playing members are requested to show up an hour before the match begins.

Suggested breakdown:
Tent/Trash: 5 members
Water/Scoreboard/Numers: 2 members
Boundaries: 2 members
Pitch/30 yard circle: 2 members