Dr. Lewis Arnow

1931 to 2020

Dr. Arnow is a great loss to the St. Columba’s Cricket Club (SCCC). He opened the doors to his scenic field in early 2000’s and it has been the Club’s home ground since then. 

Dr. Arnow has been a pioneer in bringing Cricket to Rhode Island and the New England Area. Our home field was a home away from home for many expats and the immigrant community who were looking for a familiar cultural connection on the shores of North America. Many of us know each other and are friends thanks to Dr. Arnow’s big heart and generosity. His love of Cricket shined through whenever he spoke fondly of his childhood sport, Baseball. 

He took a keen interest in how SCCC was performing in the Massachusetts State Cricket League (MSCL) and drove to Dorchester and Woonsocket fields to see the teams compete. His love of traditional Cricket; players donning the whites and playing with red ball brought him great satisfaction whenever we hosted teams such as BU CC, Colonial Cavaliers CC, Columbia University CC, and many others. 

Dr. Arnow was the true Iron Man of the club; he cut the field, helped us remove brush debris, carry dirt to level the run-up areas, and performed countless other tasks whenever we needed a helping hand on the field. 

One of his greatest gifts was to entertain children of home and away teams by taking them out for rides on his tractor and mower or opening up the water hose during summer days for kids to play. Our best memory of Dr. Arnow will always be of him bringing us watermelons on scorching hot summer days. 

We will carry Dr. Arnow’s legacy of selflessness and honor him for years to come.

Rest In Peace, Dr. Arnow – you have lived the club motto to its fullest; Good Friendship and Sportsmanship.

Dr. Arnow facing the first ball of the invitational tournament. It has been the tradition for many years.

Dr. Arnow helping us to clean up the ground at the beginning of season.