About us

GroundWe are the St. Columba’s Cricket Club located in the scenic city of Newport, Rhode Island. The club was founded by the late Tony Fairchild in June of 1993. Mr. Fairchild, a former member of the St. Columba’s Episcopal Church, was committed to introducing and promoting the sport of cricket in the local community. He invited the locals and church members to join in on friendly weekend matches at a farm located near the church.

In early 2000’s the club moved to its permanent home field on the private property of Dr. Lewis Arnow. The Dr Arnow Cricket Field is located off Third Beach Road in Newport – near the Norman Bird Sanctuary.

Tent & ScoreboardSCCC schedules approximately 35-40 matches every season and play both days of the weekend starting from mid-April to mid-October. We enthusiastically participate and promote the three formats of the sport – Test Match, One-Day, and T20. Yes, Test Match – you read that correctly! We are most likely the only cricket club in the US that schedules two and three day Test Matches.

This tradition goes back to the 1990’s when SCCC and Columbia University CC started playing their own ASHES series! Today, we play an annual three day Spirit of Cricket Test Match against Boston University CC over Memorial Day Weekend, annual Ashes Test and Tests against teams from New England and New York City.


In 1995, the club started hosting the season end Invitational Tournament in September. The tradition was started by the University of Rhode Island. We invite five to seven other teams to participate and compete for the SCCC Invitational Trophy. The tournament is held over approximately three weekends. Please contact us if your team would like to be part of the tournament. Annually, the club also plays a Mini-Tournament against long time friends and foes Boston University CC and Colonial Cavaliers CC.


Starting 2013, SCCC decided to participate in the Massachusetts Cricket League (MSCL) to improve its cricket and play more away matches. We currently have two League teams playing one-day (40 overs) matches in Division Two and Four against other teams in/around Boston area.


We take pride in welcoming new members from different parts of the world. We are a multi-cultural club. The club has been like a family to members from India, England, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, South Africa, the West Indies, and the US. If you are looking to join a social club and play friendly/competitive cricket matches in Rhode Island, look no further! We welcome members of all skill levels.


Members of the local community are welcome on our field to learn about cricket and/or watch a cricket match. Who knows we could be serving tea and sandwiches on that particular day during our lunch and tea breaks!

The club is looking at multiple ways to get more involved in the local community. We are interested in promoting the sport in local schools, youth organizations, and other such entities through the ethics and principles of cricket. Please contact Amit Sheth at (stcolumbascc@gmail.com or (401) 536-7770).


The most important aspect of a cricket match is what happens after the match. The players have just spent seven/eight grueling hours sunbathing or in rare cases batting, bowling, and fielding. Well, the home team usually provides food and drinks. SCCC is blessed with decent cricket players and fantastic cooks! Our Gujarati all rounder, Vimal Patel likes to cook egg curry, pav bhajji, khichdi, and chana masala! The Hyderabadi’s on the team go all out with their vegetarian and non-vegetarian biryanis! The Pakistani’s and West Indian’s chip in with mouth watering BBQs! The American on the team chops down the wood for traditional fire on overcast/cold days.


SCCC members strongly believe in keeping our ground clean and free of waste by encouraging environmental stewardship. We try to reduce, reuse, and recycle our waste as much as possible. Members also carpool on a regular basis to practice and home/away matches. We welcome all suggestions/recommendations for ways to improve our environmental footprint. Please contact Amitabh Sheth at (stcolumbascc@gmail.com or 401-536-7770).


If you are a business that wants to promote itself by supporting a local non-profit sports club, please contact Amitabh Sheth at (stcolumbascc@gmail.com or 401-536-7770). Annually, SCCC seeks sponsorship money for club uniforms, kits, tournament prizes, membership dues, etc.

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