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St. Columba's Cricket Club

We are located in the scenic city of Newport, Rhode Island. The club was founded by the late Tony Fairchild in June of 1993. Mr. Fairchild, a former member of the St. Columba’s Episcopal Church, was committed to introducing and promoting the sport of cricket in the local community.

Dr. Arnow

Dr. Arnow is a great loss to the St. Columba’s Cricket Club (SCCC). He opened the doors to his scenic field in early 2000’s and it has been the Club’s home ground since then. 

Dr. Arnow has been a pioneer in bringing Cricket to Rhode Island and the New England Area. Our home field was a home away from home for many expats and the immigrant community who were looking for a familiar cultural connection on the shores of North America. Many of us know each other and are friends thanks to Dr. Arnow’s big heart and generosity. His love of Cricket shined through whenever he spoke fondly of his childhood sport, Baseball.